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OTZ Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supplements existing college and career services by guiding young people through a unique self-discovery and networking process that creates a roadmap for career exploration and includes potentially life-changing personalized mentorship and coaching.

Your donation supports students in their pursuit to finding their oneTRUEzone, by initially working to discover their one unique and true gift which they can apply to a major or career that fits them best. Our vision is for all students to create a fulfilling life that comes from knowing themselves better.

Securing a good education that leads to a meaningful, rewarding career is priceless but can become costly when time and resources are wasted in the process. The majority of the nearly 500 students who participated in OTZ Foundation programming reported increased skills, tools and knowledge of themselves and their interests. Participants overwhelmingly state that OTZ Foundation helped them gain the clarity, to successfully select or shift to a major that fits them, to secure the right internships that align with their expanding self awareness and/or to identify the career path that aligns, not only with their degree , but with their newly forming oneTRUEzone. Their oneTRUEzone marks the intersection of their acquired skills, degree, interests, and natural abilities. Wouldn’t you want that for you or a loved one?

Your Gift Matters

Your support will enable students to participate in OTZ’s Career Empowerment Academy where they can find their one true gift that is their natural expression of what they have to offer the world. It provides insight in to how they can cultivate the opportunities that are right for them.


  • Support an entire group of students: Your gift of $8,000 will support an entire academy with weekly coaching for a group of students over 10-weeks
  • Support 15 students: Your gift of $4,875 will enable 15 students to participate in the 10-week program
  • Support 10 students: Your gift of $3,250 will enable 10 students to participate in the 10-week program
  • Support 5 students: Your gift of $1,625 will enable 5 students to participate in the 10-week program
  • Support 1 student: Your gift of $325 will enable 1 student to participate in the 10-week program
  • Support an entire school group at your University or Alma Mater: Your gift of $1,950 will bring OTZ Foundation programming to as many students as you can accommodate at your school space! Every student will leave this 90-minute session with insight in to their one true gift.  This engaging session can literally change their future and make college count.

OTZ Foundation has relationships with a number of Universities.  If you would like us to apply your gift to support students at a specific alma mater let us know and we would be happy to explore that.

Give Today


To make a direct donation use the button to the left, or for a donation via credit card, contact Carolyn Sharaway at 917.518.4988 or To mail in your gift, please request our giving form and make checks payable to oneTRUEzone Foundation with “donation” in the memo line. Mail your completed form with check to:


Carolyn Sharaway, Director of Philanthropy and Community Partnerships
oneTRUEzone Foundation
P.O. Box 276 Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Stocks/Planned Giving:
For more information on giving stocks or planned gifts, please contact Carolyn Sharaway at 917.518.4988 or

Matching Gifts:
Does your company have a matching gift program?  You may be able to double your gift! Check in with your human resources department to learn more.  Then, include the matching gift paperwork with your gift.

Estate Gifts:
You can make a gift to OTZ Foundation that will cost you nothing in your lifetime. Name OTZ Foundation as a beneficiary on your IRA or retirement/pension account. You can also leave a legacy by including OTZ Foundation in your charitable estate planning.  Talk to your tax advisor for the best way to do so.

Tax Deduction:
Don’t forget to take your tax deduction. oneTRUEzone Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization.

Have questions?

Contact Carolyn Sharaway at 917.518.4988 or email


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