Own Your Zone

A Wake Up Call for Parents, Educators, and Students

Own Your Zone: What Students Need to Thrive and Succeed from School to Career

Own Your Zone!

166-page paperback by Helene Naftali

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What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? What is your major? These are the questions that have been haunting young adults for years.

Finally, a book that will outline the process that young adults must take to create a successful road map from school to career.

How do you create a road map to successfully bring students from school to career?

Own Your Zone creates a road map to navigate the treacherous road taking students from school to fulfilling and successful careers. Facing a myriad of choices from high school, college, and post-graduation, this book guides you through a process leading to a deeper understanding of this lifelong journey. Whether your student is preparing for college, choosing a major, launching a career, or deciding if college is right for them, this book is invaluable.

  • Start an Organized Process That Will Insure Happiness and Success
  • Create Your Own Unique Path
  • Build a Foundation For Success
  • Take Control of Your Own Destiny

This is a book for parents, educators and students who are looking for a process that will change the lives of young adults.


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