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Driven to empower college students to discover the career they were meant for, one that could lead to a life of happiness and professional fulfillment, oneTRUEzone principal and founder Helene Naftali has been featured prominently in the news and media. Helene is available for T.V. and radio appearances, feature and op-ed articles, and other expert commentary. Please call 201-337-2409 for more information.

Helene Naftali’s Areas of Expertise:

• College and Career
• College Debt and College Expense
• Changing Job Market
• Aligning With a Career
• Self-Exploration and Finding Your One Unique Gift
• High School and College Students
• The Stress of the College to Career Path

Television Appearances

Student Debt Loan Crisis
Fresh Outlook | EBRU Television | May 17, 2014

Majoring in Debt
Fresh Outlook | EBRU Television | January 11, 2014

Webcasts, Radio, and Audio

Own Your Zone With Helene Naftali
Webcast With Hollis Chapman | The Hollis Chapman Show | May 23, 2014
Click Here to Check out The Hollis Chapman Show

Own Your Zone Webcast-One-On-One Discussion on Owning Your Zone
Webcast With Maria Sanchez | The Maria Sanchez Show | May 15, 2014
Click Here to Check out The Maria Sanchez Show

Magazine, Blog, and News Articles

Make College Count: oneTruezone Helps Parents and Students Find the Right Path For College and Career
Interview of Helene Naftali With Stevie Wilson | L.A. Story With Stevie Wilson | June 16, 2014

Moms Don’t Let Your Children Major in College Debt
Interview of Helene Naftali | The Mommyhood Chronicles | May 20, 2014

The Summer Solution to Tackling College Debt
by Helene Naftali | The US Daily Review | May 15, 2014

Students Should Work Toward Their First Jobs While Still in College
by Lee Miller | The Star Ledger | September 9, 2013


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