Helene Naftali

Helene Naftali

Principal and Founder of The oneTRUEzone Foundation

Helene head shotHelene Naftali had a single ambition when she founded oneTRUEzone. She wanted to create a vehicle to empower college students to discover the career they were meant for, one that could lead to a life of happiness and professional fulfillment.

Helene found a significant gap in the career services available to young adults, and one that she was more than able to fill. Her passionate concern for the success of each young person is fueled by many years as a practicing psychotherapist. Additionally, as Senior Vice President of Investments for a major financial services firm, Helene also has 25 years of experience in helping families and individuals plan their financial futures. Early in her financial career, Helene was responsible for setting up training for new advisers to show them how to increase their success rate in counseling families on their financial futures. While balancing motherhood and two careers, Helene went on to spearhead workshops guiding people that were considering financial careers on how to determine if their hearts and minds were in fact dedicated to this path. It was this experience that served as a wake-up-call for Helene that her oneTRUEzone is to reach out to the many young adults needing help in making college count, and in finding a career that will truly make them happy.

As a compelling public speaker, Helene has given numerous motivational talks in educational and corporate settings on topics ranging from career planning to high finance. In light of Helene’s many successes, she remains modest and down to earth, and is very well respected in her community. Her genuine concern for the well being of the individual is her ever-present guiding light and passion. Her warmth and enthusiasm enable her to unlock the yearnings of young people, and help them find their oneTRUEzone. Helene holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Binghamton University, and also a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University. Helene, her husband and two daughters live in northern New Jersey.


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