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The Need for oneTRUEzone Foundation

In order to enter into a fulfilling career, it is important to choose the right major.  Up to 50% of college students enter college with an undeclared major while nearly 75% of students change their major at least once while half change their major up to three times.[1]  This could mean misdirected time and resources leading to a career that is unrewarding and unfulfilling.  OTZ Foundation guides young people through a unique self-discovery and networking process that creates a roadmap for career exploration and fulfilling life ahead.


Why it is so important to make the right choice

A College Student Journal survey revealed that rather than choose a major based on personal goals and values, many students choose a major based on influence from elders/peers and assumption of course roster and potential job options.  This can have a negative effect on their student experience which will affect retention, engagement, academic standing and goals.

Statistics that support this claim say that:

  • 30% of students drop out after their first year;
  • Less than two-thirds of Americans studying at a four-year college will graduate; and
  • 15% of low-income students who attend a community college will take six years to graduate with a bachelor degree.


OTZ Foundation supplements career services

There are many resources at career service centers that are of significant value to students which OTZ cannot provide. We coach our students to take full advantage of career services in every way possible to create their future success. Yet, too many students don’t take full advantage of what is available at their university or college. Where it makes sense, OTZ Foundation facilitates a deep connection for students with not only their college career services, but with themselves, their peers, and OTZ coaches, through personal self- exploration and consistent accountability. We are committed to holding each student accountable, while mentoring them until the desired results are within reach.


External influences on student performance

Beyond the challenge of uncovering what makes them unique and special, students face external barriers to a successful college experience. These challenges can be social, economic and familial influences.  OTZ Foundation’s online academy and personalized coaching platform seeks to create connections and offer support and accountability for students to succeed while simultaneously working and/or commuting.


In the Work Place

Statistics show that after investing significant time and financial resources to earn a degree, young people frequently find themselves in workplace roles for which they are ill-equipped or unfilled; revealing the symptoms of someone who does not enjoy their chosen path.

  • 70% of U.S. employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work (Gallup Poll, 2014).
  • 66% of hiring managers say millennials are not prepared for the workforce and “lack adequate work ethic” (The Fiscal Times, 2016).


OTZ Foundation programming facilitates personal and career insight through intensive self-exploration within a supportive environment. This winning combination is what leads to increased productivity, fulfillment and accomplishment in the workplace.



[1] Freedman, L., (2013, June 28) The Developmental Disconnect in Choosing a Major. Retrieved from www.dus.psu.edu.

2&3 College Atlas, 2014

4 College Boards, Trends in Community Colleges, 2016




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