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OTZLOGOCareer Empowerment Academy Curriculum Overview


oneTRUEzone Foundation’s Career Empowerment Academy curriculum was developed by a team of educated professionals with a background in and passion for working with college students.  Our team of consultants applied their more than 20 years of experience to develop a strong curriculum that guides students through a self-exploration program.  They are supported by a coach and their peers to develop a greater understanding of themselves and what they, uniquely, have to offer the world and how they can make the most impact.


oneTRUEzone Foundation’s Career Empowerment Academy has three parts.  Students can participate in one or all.

  1. Become the Author of Your Life and Discover Your Best Career Path: This one-hour live or webinar style workshop introduces students to the importance of knowing oneself, becoming the author of their life, creating the outcomes they want, which all lead to finding the right career path. The workshop is interactive and includes a power point presentation with interactive activities.  Students leave the workshop with a better understanding of the importance of knowing their gift, its value and how it can be used to guide their pathway in college and career.
  2. Self-Discovery Program: This ten-week, online program is a deeper dive in to self-discovery with direct coaching. It is hosted through an online platform called Schoology.  Students meet weekly (Sunday or Tuesday night) with a oneTRUEzone Foundation coach and up to ten of their peers per session.  They complete this eight-ten-week program with a deeper understanding of themselves and their gift which will help better guide them on their pathway in college and career.
  3. Game Plan for Success (GPS) (Live Career Exploration): Using Schoology and with support from oneTRUEzone Foundation staff, students are given the tools and guidance necessary to successfully begin and implement a networking process for conducting informational interviews and securing internships as they explore career paths. Students become independent after this piece and create an exponentially larger network.


Main components of the Self-Empowerment Academy include:

  1. About Me– Making a personal profile. Includes identifying skills, talents and interests
  2. Unlocking your One Unique Gift: Using a trademarked process to discover the two words that differentiate oneself from everyone.
  3. Finding What Energizes You: Facilitating a deeper look at what inspires students
  4. Live Career Exploration: Identifying and exploring life experiences
  5. Your Values, Passions and Potential Work Environments: Exploring the connections among them
  6. Building Your Empowerment Network: Employing our turnkey process of building a network
  7. Prepping for an Interview: Portfolio preparation and questions


Partnership Options: We are a nonprofit whose mission is to serve as many students as possible.  We ask partnering organizations to invest in the partnership with resources they have available to them. Programming options include:

  • Become the Author of Your Life and Discover Your Best Career Path Workshop: Engages up to 100 students.
  • Self-Discovery Program: Engages 10-75 students.
  • Game Plan for Success (Live Career Exploration): Students are engaged in this two-three month process.
  • Career Empowerment Academy- The full program of workshop and online programming engages 10-100 students.


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